Preparing Your Quilt For Longarm Quilting

Long arm quilting with a Gammill Quilting Systems Statler Stitcher in a smoke free home.


Please read in entirely before Bringing quilt For services


Only thread I provide will be used on your quilt, I use Signature 100% cotton Quilting thread – and generally off White.  I also have several sources for thread if a color I don’t have is requested or desired.



Please bring high quality batting –

Mountain Mist and Sew perfect brands of Polyester batting are not good battings to use with machine quilting.

Batting that looks thin and falls apart when you hold it up by the ends is not acceptable and I will not quilt with it.

Because you spent so much time and money making your quilt, bringing the proper backing and batting to finish the quilt will give you the best end result.


A $50 dollar non-refundable deposit will be required before quilting begins.


Custom quilting (different borders special start and stop designs ) will be priced on a job by job Basis.


The best results for a finished quilt – begin with a quilt that will lay flat (not wavy) on a bed or floor.


Untrimmed threads or improperly pressed seams may detract from the beauty of your finished quilt. Please trim your threads I will charge a substantial fee to fix trim issues.


A tip for finishing the borders on your quilt top before quilting is to fold your quilt top in half and measure the center and the edges and average the inches for your border length.


Trimmed, pressed, even borders, clean and flat quilts will produce the best results for finishing your lovely quilt.


Batting and Back need to extend 6 to 8 inches all the way around the quilt. (the more backing and batting the less likely of issues when quilting the designs  this also allows for more dense quilting designs.


Mark the top of your quilt with a clip or large safety pin.


Quilts with strong odors such as tobacco smoke, heavy perfume, mildew or other strong odors will not be accepted for quilting.


A written contract / invoice will be provided before services are provided if requested.


Quilts are quilted in the condition received.


Designs by Digi reserves the right to reject or not accept any service.


Old Quilts (Grandmas attic etc) should be quilted using plain muslin for the back and under the original quilt top to help with stability, other fabric chosen may not provide the best results and will be quilted at the owners own risk.  The potential of damage to older materials in quilts is why Muslin is best to use for backing. Also there are recommended designs to use on quilt per period quilt was made.


Other services will be offered individually on a per job basis .


Full payment is due when work is completed.


Merchandise left for more than 30 days will become the property of Designs by Digi.




Leave pins or any other foreign object in your quilt.

Sheets and sheet like fabrics are very difficult to quilt and will not be accepted.