Edge To Edge Options

Quilt sizes fees are the same up to the next size, as quilt measurements vary.

Baby Quilt = $35.00

Afghan/Lap Size = $65.00

Twin Quilt = $75.00

Double Quilt = $100.00

Queen Quilt = $125.00

King Quilt = $150.00


if you have any questions on size please contact me directly


Select Very Dense Designs Edge to Edge – 3.0 per square inch


Other Sewing Services

Hourly rate – piecing $15 per hour

Seaming Backs – $15

Binding – Machine done .20 per linear inch


Thread Fee – is taxable.  I use cotton machine quilting thread primarily



$20 – this includes insurance to protect your quilt

Please read preparation and quilting service pages for info about backing size and batting needed.

$50 non refundable deposit needed for all services (unless your quilt is smaller than it will be the price for quilting)

For quilts that are dropped off to me, I will call you or email you when your quilt is finished and you will pay me the remainder when you pick up your quilt.

For quilts that are shipped to me, I require payment before I begin working.  Once I have received your quilt, I will measure it and figure the charge based on the quilting as well as any additional charges that may be needed or that we discussed I will email you an invoice or call you with a quote.  You will then send me your check or money order. Alternately, if you have an email address, I can send you an invoice by email with a secure link using paypal.  You can then click on the link and then enter your credit card information and pay me that way.   You may also pay when you ship the quilt, but I do remeasure so if the measurements are incorrect I will need payment prior to starting work.

Thank You For your Business