Custom will be quoted on a job per Job Basis pricing will depend on thread change and amount of detail wanted for example if you want a different border and edge to edge everywhere else it will be less than if you have multiple borders and want Block detail.

Piecing and other quilting services are $15 an hour, – extra fabric or fabric needed will be charged $7-$10 per yard (Or whatever the retail price of fabric is) and a 2 hour charge will be charged for fabric shopping and purchase.  If you provide your own fabric, I will only accept 100% cotton quilting fabric. Each job will determine how much fabric is needed… I require fabric fees up front and a deposit for other quilting services. Binding by Machine (will be topstitched from the front, .20 per linear inch.

You can expect a price quote when I receive quilt if there is any change to price quote you will be contacted before quilting is done.  Price changes would be because of issues related to you quilt.  Please see preparation page for how to prepare your quilt for our services.