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Designs By Digi started because of my passion for using stitches to tell a story, We are located in the Beautiful City of Charlotte North Carolina.  I have been sewing for over 35 years. I have always loved creating with Fabric and thread,  I have sewn many things over the years.  Wedding apparel, Costumes, Children’s clothing and clothes for myself. Over the years there have been quilting projects too numerous to list, from table runners to full size quilts.  I also have created embroidery designs for personal use and love Machine embroidery to enhance sewn items.  I am devoted to producing quality professional looking quilt both personally and professionally.  I have always wanted to share my passion for the stitched seam and would love to assist other quilters in turning their quilts into beautiful heirlooms.

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I have a Gammill® Optimum longarm quilting machine that uses state-of-the-art Statler Stitcher® Which provides consistent computer guided design.

The name of my site came from a long used internet moniker.  I was trying to create a Yahoo ID using many forms of my first and last name – initials and other things but everything kept coming back as in use and Yahoo suggested using some number after my ID that I would never remember. Well after 30 minutes of trying to create an ID I was getting pretty frustrated and because I had started to digitize embroidery designs…. I typed in Digitizingqueen well it stuck – I was a little concerned at first as I was by no means an expert….. well I have been using the ID for over 10 years on all kinds websites…  So Designs By Digi was born out of that name.
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I am ecstatic about working with you to create beautiful heirlooms to be enjoyed for generations.



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